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Welcome to the Outflow CMS system Help. Recommended browsers for CMS editing: Internet Explorer7 and above, or FireFox3 or above. Other browsers might not work correctly.

Table of Contents

Upload Images
Upload Videos
Create a New Page
Create a New Folder
Create a Gallery
Create News/Press Releases
Edit a Page
Edit an Image
Delete a Page
Delete a Folder
Delete an Image
Delete a Video
Copy and Paste
Undo/Redo when editing
Create numbered/bullet lists
Create a link
View function
Remove paragraphs and alignments

Upload and Insert an Image

You can use the button "Insert image" only after you have uploaded your image on your website's server. If you haven't done so or you don't see your image in the files (when you browse the site), you have to start with the button "Upload image"

1. In your edited page, place cursor where you want to have your image
2. Click on icon to upload an image uploadimage

3. After popup is opened, files browser will be opened immediately in IE. (For other browsers, click on Browse button of the popup)
4. Select image in files browser, click Open
5. Click Upload in the popup

Once you have uploaded your image, you then, only have to use the button 'insert image' if you want to apply the same image again.

Upload Videos

Inserting a video is the most difficult part of Content Management Editing. Please, make sure you follow these steps and try to insert a video maybe one or two times. You will see that if you really follow the steps, you will be able to make it work, even if it doesn't work out in the this try.

1. Put cursor where you would like to insert the video
2. Click on the icon to insert a video: media

3. A popup window will open up with an empty line for media URL (you have get the URL from the website where your video is located), you want to delete the word http:// before you proceed.

IMPORTANT: When you go to your video, there is a button called "embed":

a. Click on this. It will highlight blue. You need to use your left or righr arrow on your keyboard in order to get into that line and not have it blue. 
b. Then move your arrows and find the word "src= ... and grab the http url until you reach the end quote ".

Find: "src=http://www.youtube.com/v/aemXgP-2xyg&hl=en_US&fs=1&".

Copy only: http://www.youtube.com/v/aemXgp-2xyg&hl+en_US&fs=1&. Do not copy the end quote.
4. Paste it into the media url in the popup window. Please, make sure, you don't enter double the http:// twice

5. In the popup window, uncheck "Show controls" and "Showtracker". Also, uncheck "Autostart" if you don't want the video to autostart.

6. Set the height and width of the video. Try to use 560x340 or less if you want to have it smaller.  

8. Set Alignment if you want (bottom, middle, etc).

9. Click OK.

Once you have entered the video, you will see a yellow border around it. Don't worry, this border is visible only to you. If you mouse over the border, arrows going all directions will appear. You can drag that arrows and move your video above or below your text. (For small bandwidth not recommended). You can also change the size of the video simply by dragging the corners of the borders out or in.

If you right click on your yellow video border, a window will enable you to change media properties.

Create a New Page

Page is an actual content page with information you want to provide to your customers.
1. To create a new page, click on the icon: page

Create a New Folder

A folder exists to organize pages. It doesn't represent the menu buttons necessarily; it's function is to group similar pages together to have a better organization of your website pages you create. You do not have to see a folder appearing on your website if it is not also a menu item.
1. Click on the icon: folder

Create a Gallery

With Content Management Tools, you can create your own gallery on your website.

  1. Go to you admin page.
  2. On your menu bar, click on Gallery.
  3. Click on the plus icon and create your new gallery.
  4. Set name for it.
  5. Upload pictures from your computer that you want to have in your gallery.
  6. Save your uploaded pictures.

Create News/Press Releases

  1. Go to you admin page.
  2. On your menu bar, click on News/Press Releases.
  3. Click on "Create New" on the right side at the top.
  4. Give it a title.
  5. Summary: Write a short summary that will appear on the news/press releases page with a list of them.
  6. Write your article.
  7. Author/Source: Type in who wrote the article originally and where it was published.
  8. Enabled: If you want your article to appear on the list, this has to be checked. If you don't want to show it on the list, but you also want to keep it on the website, uncheck the icon.
  9. Date: Set date of issued article.
  10. Click on "Save".

Edit a page

If you want to edit your page that you or your web developer created, do this:

1. Log in with your account data that your web developer provided you with.

2. On the left menu bar, go to Admin/Content Management

3. On the right/left side (depends on your structure) of the webpage, click on "Sitepages"

4. Choose webpage you wish to modify and click on edit

Get familiar with the formatting tools that you probably know from using Microsoft Word program. For editing, you should use design mode if you are not familiar with basic html in order to prevent any bugs or errors. If you have any doubts or questions, contact your web developer for further help.

Edit an image

If you uploaded an image and it appears too big or small, then:

1. Grab the corners of the picture and move them so that the image gets smaller or bigger or

2. Right click on the image

3. Click on image properties

4. Change width and height

NOTE: Check the icon  widthheight to make sure your width and height stays proportional.

You can also change other features, such as borders, shades, etc.

Delete Page

1. Go to your page that you want to delete

2. At the bottom to the right there is a "delete" button to press

Delete a Folder


Delete an Image

1. Go to your page with the image inside and click edit

2. Right click on the image

3. Click "delete"

Delete a Video

1. Go you your edit page with the video inside and click edit

2. Move your cursor behind the video and then press "backspace" or move your cursor in front of the video and press "delete".


When you create a new page, you will find out that the editing tools are similar to MS WORD editing tools.

On the right side of your editing page, you will see "Quick Formatting". Your page has already a set style sheet that is unique to only your website. For example your subtitles are yellow and 14px. Or your "Headlines" text is 16px and red. All you need to do is to highlight the text you want to format, and then apply specific format to it.

At the top of the editing page, you will find many other editing tools. When you mouse over them, they will tell you their function. You can simply try them out to get familiar with them.

Copy & Paste

If you decide to copy text from MS WORD, beware of possible errors. MS Word has its own way of formatting that you don't want to transfer into your cms page. The best way to avoid formatting error when copying & pasting text, is to copy your original text and paste it first into Notepad, then, copy it from Notepad and paste it into your CMS page. That way, you will have clean text (html code) and your formatting will work.

Undo/Redo when editing

When you are writting text in your new editing page, or you inserted a picture or video, and you decide to revert your last step or more steps, simply click on the two arrows pointing clockwise (redo) and against the clock (undo). Try it out to get familiar with this tool.

Create Numbered/Bullet Lists

In your editing page, find your buttons for numbered or bullet list and click it. It will automatically start numbering/bulleting your sentences the way it does it in MS WORD.

Create a link

1. Highlight the text that should become a link.

2. Click on the icon link

3. Enter the URL addresse for your target website.

4. Click OK.

View Function

If you want to see your edited page, click on "return to list" and then find your page and click right next to it on "view". You will be able to see your edited page.

TIP: When you work in editing mode, you should always have your View page open in a new browser or tab and refresh it whenever you make changes on your edited page.

Remove paragraphs and alignments

If your text is formatted with too big or small paragraphs or right and left alignments, you can simply remove them by clicking on the icon:  removepara

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